the damn salon

About The Damn Salon

The damn salon is certainly not just your everyday hair salon or braiding parlor. Damn is a beauty movement. We are about hair. We are about make-up. We are about being natural and still high fashion. We are about being conscious and still exciting. We are about being intellectual leaders and teachers, who are intelligent enough to know when to follow. We are about being fierce and DAMN, we have attitude for days but are humble enough to give. We are confident in our art, in our selves, in our goals, in our beliefs and in exactly what God made us to be. We are beautiful to the fullest of our potential and frankly dont give a damn what other people think.

Through our art, we aim to inspire and dare you to be beautiful to your fullest potential. Our art is unique and has inspired and attracted women internationally. Our clients fly in religiously to experience our damn services from as far as California, New York, Hawaii, DC, Toronto, Alaska and even Europe. Yes that may seem farfetched, but once you’ve had damn experience, you too would travel to be damned..

The Damn Salon is a private salon, by invitation only.

  1. Love it!

  2. Please add me to the distribution.. And please pick me for a Hair rescue!

  3. Please come to philly!! We don’t have a lot of quality natural salons and could really use your expertise.


  4. We would love to be damn by the damn salon. Please come to Chicago so we can see if our hair will last in the windy city. I love you guys. I would love my hair to be damn .

  5. Would like more info about all locations of “The Damn Salon” locations.

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