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Boris Kodjoe Says Gaining Weight in Marriage is Unacceptable

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So Boris says what he says and women go wild, claiming he is shallow and blah blah…. This is how I feel…. lightly…. I can Get deeper.

Boris didn’t say ANYTHING wrong. In fact he is absolutely right. People need to understand the same things you did to GET married are the same things you need to do to STAY married. Sickness is a different story but most women who gain weight after getting married don’t have sickness to blame…. but laziness. Meanwhile, your man goes to work everyday looking at fit women who took care of themselves to get to work. The last thing he wants to come home to is you in his dirty painted joggers eating biscuits fried chicken and chips. This is a part of the reason men end up cheating on woman. And then you have those “bigger” problems. “Keeping it sexy” will keep a man focused and excited to come home… to YOU….. and excited to take you out show you off and do all those things woman like, but complain that ‘he stopped doing once we got married.”  If you look like you should stay home, then home is where you will be when he is out in the city. There is NOTHING shallow about taking care of your health and your look. So get up right now and go run around the corner real fast. Or maybe run the whole building. Whatever. Run Somewhere. But don’t forget to subscribe first. (wink, wink)





Are There Too Many Black Churches?

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Did you know that it takes less than 5 minutes to become an ordained minister? All one must do is register online, find a building to preach out of and have one person attend.

Should there be a greater form of qualification to establish a church?  After all,  when one is ordained as a minister, culturally the black community almost bows down to  every word they preach. Should it not take more than 5 minutes to learn the word of God enough to preach and teach it?

Or are some churches not really for the greater good of the word…. you know…. values, morals, love, kindness…. stuff like that.

Is it about money? I mean, there are churches with seventeen offerings per Sunday, while some members are being evicted or going to home to no food. Why are so many ministers former criminals? Change in People does exist, but have some people just changed by exploiting a more legal way to steal?

These questions are in no way a reflection of my opinion nor of my beliefs.  They are simply stated to ignite and provoke thought of the CONTRADICTION that underlies  the black church.

I believe in God. But I believe in Good. I believe in Good God.

Good God keeps you grounded. Kind. Moral. Humble. Unjealous. Even if thats not a word. Actually, its not even full sentence.

Watch CONTRADICTION. What do you believe?


For the record, the producer of this documnetary is a personal friend of mine and it is about to go BIG. Im just saying.

Ok. Now  that we have gotten a lot of people angry, on to other things:

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