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Fabulous-Hilton Kia
Looking for a Stylist in Charlotte NC that does Urban Twist!!! Please inbox me ASAP! Thanks!
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Katrina Hooks-Wiggins What are urban twists?
April 20 at 9:43am · Like · 1 person
Fabulous-Hilton Kia Katrina go to the face book page of The Damn Salon and they have pictures. GREAT summer style!!! They also do City Twists if your more conservative!
April 20 at 9:46am · Like · 1 person
Ralphiel Jordan I think it may b only in atl. I’m going to atl to get mine next month. If u find someone, please…..please…please let me know. U live in charlotte as well.
April 20 at 10:07am · Like · 1 person
Fabulous-Hilton Kia I do live in Charlotte and I saw on their FB site that they are having an event here in Charlotte tonight and saw some comments from others here in Charlotte. I hope they are coming here. I’ve been looking at urban twists for awhile now and just can’t find anyone local… Where are they in ATL??? I may take the drive…
April 20 at 10:12am · Like · 1 person
Fabulous-Hilton Kia Ms Jordan!!! Are u from the Chuck???? Saw ur page!!! I am (St Andrews High) and I’m a Smith graduate!!!!
April 20 at 10:14am · Like
LaVondilyn J. Watson They come there every few months, I think. They were there in March and then again this week. But, otherwise, you have to go down to ATL for UTs.
April 20 at 10:14am · Like · 1 person
Fabulous-Hilton Kia Thanks LaVondilyn!
April 20 at 10:16am · Like · 1 person
Ralphiel Jordan They were here in charlotte 4/8 through 4/11…I was mad I didn’t hv the money then. I can’t wait to get mine.@ KIA, yes I’m from the chuck (downtown) went to burke and smith…didn’t graduate though.
April 20 at 10:39am · Like
Alicia Choice They are coming back in May you guys. I have my appt set!
April 20 at 10:52am · Like · 1 person
LaVondilyn J. Watson No worries, Ralphiel… we’re getting our UTs next month 😉 Post pics!!!
April 20 at 10:52am · Like
Ralphiel Jordan ‎@ Alicia when in may are they coming back!!!!
April 20 at 11:01am · Like
Fabulous-Hilton Kia Yes When!!!.. Actually I sent them an email and I waiting a reply!!! But if u know please tell!!!
April 20 at 11:36am · Like
Alicia Choice Idk the exact dates but my appt is for May 13th
April 20 at 11:55am · Like
Fabulous-Hilton Kia Ralphiel!!! I’m from downtown too!! Calhoun Street EAst side!!!…..
April 20 at 7:30pm · Like · 1 person
Ralphiel Jordan Kia, I’m by hester park.. lol. Are u coming to the meetup on next Saturday?
April 20 at 8:31pm · Like · 1 person
Shellisa McMurray-Multrie I have looked at the pics but I am still not clear on what they are. Is the hair partially braided? I need an elementary explanation on this one.
April 21 at 12:30am · Like
Fabulous-Hilton Kia Yes Ralphiel I plan on it!!! And Shellisa I believe it is…
April 21 at 6:28am · Like · 1 person
Mushiya Tshikuka Okay this was absolutely FUN FUN FUN to read! I am Mushiya from The Damn Salon, the innovator of Urban Twists. (Okay that sounded like I built a flying car) LOL! But ladies it is almost just as serious. I am so excited that you guys are exc…See More
April 21 at 1:49pm · Like · 4 people
Fabulous-Hilton Kia I’m on it!!! YAY!!!! Thanks for responding!
April 21 at 2:12pm · Like · 1 person
Ralphiel Jordan Got my appointment!!!!! I’m so excited!!!!!!!
April 21 at 2:55pm · Like · 1 person
Fabulous-Hilton Kia Got mine tooooo!!!!! When is yours!!!!???????
April 21 at 3:05pm · Like
Mushiya Tshikuka you ladies are too cute! If I can maneuver the calendar, I will put you both at the same time! That will be sooo fun!
April 21 at 3:11pm · Like · 1 person
Fabulous-Hilton Kia Yayayayaaa!!!!! That would be AHHHHSOME!!!!!
April 21 at 3:12pm · Like
Alicia Choice I hope it’ll be on the same day as mine Ralphiel it would be great to see u since its been a while
April 21 at 3:40pm · Like · 1 person
Ralphiel Jordan My appointment is sat, may 14.10am… Omg, I have never been so excited to get my hair done. Ahhhhh Dammmmmmnnnnnn!!!!!!! LOL
April 21 at 5:41pm · Like · 1 person
Alicia Choice LOL I know right. I am too Im like i don’t wanna wait!
April 21 at 5:43pm · Like · 1 person
Fabulous-Hilton Kia Mine is Sat @3pm!!! Ahhhh DAAAMN imma be coming when u leave!!!!
April 21 at 5:44pm · Like
Ralphiel Jordan Charleston bout to shut the damn salon DOWN!!!!!! Lol….LOL
April 21 at 5:47pm · Like · 1 person
Alicia Choice yes we are!
April 21 at 5:50pm · Like · 1 person
Fabulous-Hilton Kia Alllll the way DOWN!!! CHUCKTOWN BAYBEeeee!!! Ahhhhhhh HAWT DAAAAMN!!!!!!! LMBO!!!!!!!!
April 21 at 6:02pm · Like
Tashelle Thomas One of my friends got the City Twists done and her hair looks fierce.
April 21 at 6:55pm · Like · 2 people
Ralphiel Jordan My dilemma is to get city twist or urban twist!!!! I just don’t know…….urgh!!!! Decisions, decisions…
Friday at 8:29am · Like · 1 person
Fabulous-Hilton Kia I’m going URBAN.. I like BIG and CHUNKEE!!!
Friday at 8:51am · Like
Tameka Peterson Marsh I’ve never heard of urban twists until yesterday in reading this post. I peeped the site, strolled through the gallery, got hooked, now I’m booked!!! Excited!
Friday at 11:05am · Like · 2 people
Fabulous-Hilton Kia YAY TAMEKA!!!!!!!!
Friday at 11:06am · Like
Ralphiel Jordan This is not just a hair style anymore….its a DAMN MOVEMENT!!!!!! Ladies, we are gonna kill ’em!!! (P.S. excuse my ego, lol)
Friday at 11:10am · Like · 2 people
Alicia Choice LOL @Ralphiel I love it!
Friday at 11:14am · Like
Fabulous-Hilton Kia ‎@Ralphiel… Its is a DAMN movement.. *and ya talk like that cause YOU can BACK IT UP**!!!!!!!!
Friday at 11:16am · Like
Ralphiel Jordan We a mess!!! And I love it!!
Friday at 11:35am · Like
Fabulous-Hilton Kia LOL!!! Wait til our hair is DOWN!!!…. Then we’ll be a DAMN MESS!!!!!! :)))))
Friday at 11:52am · Like
Mushiya Tshikuka LOL! Tameka I am about to make your comment my status! Ralphiel babe, you will kill them! Don’t ever excuse your ego. If you don’t love you… who the hell else will. Let those other bitches cry. We can’t wait to damn all of you Haute Broads! (Damn I dont know how to spell “broad”… but who the hell cares because… I have Urban twists…. And I’m sexy. 😉
Friday at 12:37pm · Like
Mushiya Tshikuka Oh And Kia, we are going to do a chunk of color in your bangs because you are sooo ready!
Friday at 12:42pm · Like · 1 person
Mushiya Tshikuka Incase someone in the dark does not know what all these sexy ladies are speaking of when they say Urban and City twists, view the damn You tube Channel.
Friday at 12:44pm · Like · 1 person
Fabulous-Hilton Kia I’m READY!!!!!!!!!!!
Friday at 1:41pm · Like
Eunice Henman Ok ladies!! I had to join this train here……. I’ll just say this, “You are going to have the BEST EXPERIENCE at the Damn Salon!!” — I would travel to ATL from Charlotte to get my hair done.. I have done both the city and urban twists….. gonna play it up with some color next time….:-)
Friday at 2:11pm · Like · 1 person
Eunice Henman My appointment is Friday at 3pm…so I’ll see and meet you then. We are all going to become girlfriends….that’s just what happens when you are at the Damn Salon together!! Not to mention we are all going to leave with the sharpest hairstyles EVER!!!!!
Friday at 2:12pm · Like · 1 person
Faith Lazre Well Haute Damn! See you ladies soon! mwah!!
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