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Natural Hair Isn’t for Everyone…..

In Uncategorized on April 16, 2013 at 3:28 pm

Derek JAtlanta celebrity hair stylist Derek J. recently made THE stupidest comment on the new BRAVO network show “Fashion Queens”.  Not only did he admit that he “Is not a fan of the Natural Hair Movement”  he went on to say “Natural Hair is not for everyone”.

Huh? Lemmie get this straight, Natural hair (as in the hair that you were born with) may not be for you?  * insert black stare *

But chemicals used to straighten hair, which have been linked to cancer, fibroid tumors and more just work great for everyone?…..   *insert nodding bobblehead *

Oh, and weave, which is essentially SOMEONE ELSE”S  natural hair sewn or glued to YOUR head is also universal? GTFOH

Thank Goodness people are free to do what they want to with their hair. Who REALLY cares?  But stupidity like this just beckons me to my soap box.  I’ve been hearing people make statements like this for the entire 20 years I’ve been natural.  EVERY time I hear it its like finger nails scraping a chalkboard.  How do you react when you hear people say “Natural Hair is not for Everyone” ?  Please comment below.

Stay Sexy!


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  1. I thought we were over comments like this years ago. Once again this is someone pushing off their insecurities on others. The bottom line is, there are women who are relaxed, natural, weaved up or otherwise that simply are not good at styling and maintaining their hair. Those women need to find the best solution for them…stat! It’s so not a natural or relaxed thing… Derek J can have several!

  2. WTH? I then pull myself together and say “its so sad when folks refuse to- or cannot identify with themselves or their heritage”. (insert smDh) …..- white is not right- damn John Lynch.

  3. ok…every style/look is not for everyone but natural hair is the healthiest choice. A healty life is for everyone! Relaxers damaged my hair and my scalp. While I’m not against relaxers per se, I am against the torture we put ourselves through to fit in to the status quo.
    What people need to understand is that natural hairs is just as diverse as we are. There are several hairstyles we can wear that will compliment our beautiful faces. We are not as limited in our choices as some may think…In fact, we can be as stylish with the fro, curl, twists, etc…as anyone else. I love the versatility of my natural hair. Most of all, I love the health of my hair, scalp and body!

  4. I love my natural hair, I do sometime wear protective hair styles,but i love all hair styles. Just like Derek J want the world to except him. Why can’t people except natural that God give us.

  5. Natural hair is for everyone. It grows out of your head that way. People just need to go ahead and say that they don’t like natural hair instead of natural hair isn’t for everyone.

  6. That was a very stupid comment by DJ. Some folks don’t think about what they are saying before it comes flying out their mouth… Brainwashed. Yes our creator made our hair this coily and curly, so did he make a mistake… I think NOT. I love my Natural Hair and it is now longer than it has ever been since I stopped using relaxers!!!

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