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Do You Give A Damn?

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She was just like you. She had 2 children, lived in a nice little home and worked a decent job. She would rush home to feed her family and take care of her husband. Sometimes she would go the spa with her girlfriends. She was just like you… until she lost Everything… her job, her husband, her children and her home. Now she is in a shelter.

The Damn Salon is committed to empowering and uplifting women worldwide and in our local community. Since our inception, we have donated complimentary makeovers to deserving women who have triumphed over difficult situations.

On November 18, 2012 The Damn Salon Atlanta will have the opportunity to be a blessing to 9 amazing and deserving residents of Calvary Refuge Center  in Forest Park, GA. In the not so distant past,  each of these women were like you and I.  They went to work each day, cooked dinner for their families, and tucked their babies in bed at night. Today, this is just a distant memory as they struggle to pick up the pieces of their life…

Merlyne is the mother of one. She found herself alone in Atlanta, with no family, after she and her husband separated.

Angela is the 26 year old mother of 1. Angela recently lost her job of several years.  Her car and apartment soon followed.

Felicia, age 24, is the mother of 2. After loosing her home last year, she and her children found themselves in and out of different shelters. Today, they reside at Calvary Refuge Center. Felicia is working towards a permanent home for she and her boys.

Erica, mother of 3, is a survivor of Hurricane Katrina. Due to recent financial hardships, she found it necessary to have 2 of her children go to live with relatives.  She is currently working and enrolled in school. Erica looks forward to soon having all her children together again under one roof.

Natasha is the mother of 4. She and her husband Frank, found themselves both unemplyed and ulitmately homeless.  After taking advantage of the wealth of resources provide by Calvary Refuge Center, Natasha is now working and the couple are in marriage and family counseling. They are well on their  way to healing and stability.

On November 18. 2012 these triumphant and resilient ladies will be given the rare opportunity to take a moment exclusively for themselves. They will receive complimentary hair styles provided by The Damn Salon Atlanta, professional make-up application by Creole Lioness therapeutic massages provided by  Knotti Nikki,  and luxurious pampering gift baskets sponsored by Koils By Nature.  Sheque Affair is donating event planning services and decor. Gourmet cakes will be provided by Tracey West Crazy Good.

The Damn Salon is truly blessed to be a blessing. Giving feels so Damn good!

We are currently accepting nominations for deserving women in the Atlanta, Charlotte, and Washington DC areas.   Please complete this brief application for your nominee to be considered. Complimentary services will be awarded periodically, and at the sole discretion of The Damn Salon.

A Special Thanks To our Sponsors


You Can Give A Damn Too!

to the Damn Give Back Celebration

 If you would like to assist us in our efforts to give a Damn, you may do so here, by making a cash donation. If you would like to donate your professional services, please complete application. You can also email info@thedamnsalon. Community partners are needed in the following areas: clothng donations for men, women, and children, catering services, hair styling, makeup, wardrobe styling, photography, videography,  resume writing,  job search resources and coaching, counseling, healthcare, dentistry, etc. We take pride in renewing women’s confidence and being the blessing called hope!

Stay Sexy!


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