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I Don’t Give a DAMN What Anybody…..

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I don’t give a DAMN what anybody is doing today or whether you cannot get off work…. Get out and VOTE. LOOK, I am not telling you to vote for Obama or NOT to vote for Mitt Romnesia. But I AM telling you to VOTE and let Michelle hear your voice. If your boss is acting crazy… just get up and leave because if you DONT vote and the wrong party wins, you will be jobless anyway. And by wrong party I amnot necessarily saying that the Repubican hairs… I mean the Republicans suck like shit. I prefer not to discuss politics. All I am saying is if 537 people in Florida would have got off their asses in the year 2000 elections and voted, Gore would have won Florida and the Bush Administration would have never ruined our lives. 9/11 would not have happened. The 2 wars would not have happened. The economy would not have crashed. All these American soldiers would not have lost their lives… and that boyfriend of yours would have never cheated with that other girl. So please, every single vote counts. It is your life and it affects you. USE your Voice. If you dont have papers in this country…. Fine. So WHAT… you don’t have a voice. You have fingers… and a facebook. So share the message to everyone you know who has citizenship and tell them to go F*&kin VOTE. (Okay fine.

Maybe the cursing wasn’t necessary Mushiya Tshikuka


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