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WTH? Young Women Curse and Assault Male Elders and Men Hit Women?

In Uncategorized on October 17, 2012 at 9:59 pm

So…’ve probably seen the video clips of the Cleveland bus driver, a 59 year old man, who delivered a now infamous uppercut to an irate 25 year old female passenger.  I tried to resist publicly weighing in on this “story” but alas, I could resist no longer.  As if the incident itself was not appalling enough to the civilized senses, the fallout and constant chatter behind it is enough to make a good Southern girl loose her religion.

If you have not heard about the story, let me bring you up to speed….

Its not clear what the two first began fighting over, but previously released video accounts and recent reports suggest that the female, Shidea N. Lane  attempted to board the bus on September 18 without paying.  A heated verbal exchange ensued.  In the video, Lane can be heard threatening to fight Artis Hughes, the driver.  Hughes then says he will get his daughter and granddaughter to come down and deal with her.   Lane then taunts that he should also bring his “mammy”.   The next thing you know, Lane approaches the bus driver,  he then rises from his seat and hits the young woman before throwing her off the bus. “She want to be a man, I’m gonna treat her like a man,” the driver announces to the screaming crowd.

I’m actually quite surprised that there is even a debate about this situation.  I mean, I would fully expect people to speak about the shameful and despicable behavior of both parties.  But to uphold one and defend the other?  I’m utterly confused.   In my opinion, Ms Lane behaved like an ignorant alley cat.  From the jump, she was dead wrong. Boarding the bus with no money?  And THEN cursing out the bus driver when he questions you?  Never mind the fact that driver just happens to be an elder, and a MAN.  Not to mention that all of this takes place while this particular man has her life, and that of about 2 dozen other individuals literally in his hands, behind the wheel.  Where dey do dat at?

Then there’s Mr. Hughes.  Upon learning that the passenger can’t pay her fare, he doesn’t pull the bus over.  Nope.  He doesn’t radio a supervisor, security, or the police when her verbal assault escalates.  No, he dignifies her ignorance by exchanging more than a few colorful words with her.  Only after Ms Lane makes physical contact with Mr Hughes does he stop the bus.  But only then, to deliver the uppercut now heard around the world.   Does this illustrate in any way the wisdom one would expect from a man nearly 60 years old?

I have spoken to men AND women who feel that the bus driver’s response was proper.  Some going as far as citing Darwin, saying that Hughes was defending his life from deadly force.  Others have said the young woman obviously wasn’t raised right and simply received a well deserved “spanking” that was long overdue.  Then there are those who say that Mr. Hughes was dead wrong, believing that a man should NEVER hit a woman.

I think Mr Hughes AND Ms Lane should BOTH be ashamed of themselves!  Neither behaved like a model citizen.  Mr Hughes should have had more presence of mind than to allow Ms Lane’s tantrum to escalate unchecked.  Had he used the resources available to him, the incident may never have turned physical.  But, since it did, he certainly could have sought remedies beyond the now infamous uppercut.  Ms Lane is in my opinion “The Rachett Girl” mascot.  Never in a million years was her disrespect of Mr Hughes, herself, or the other passengers warranted.  To behave so classlessly in public is beyond foreign to me.  Where I come from young people address elders with a yes ma’am and a no sir, even in the midst of a disagreement.  THIS is a sad case indeed.

What the hell is happening to us?…..

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  1. You know, most have shared this tale in a jokingly manner to express that Ms. Lane was out of order and deserved what she got. Until this evening, literally an hour ago, I had not seen this video. I’d only heard about this. I did find the whole scene sordid and a bit barbaric. I think as a society, we make too many excuses for unwarranted and disrespectful behavior. Yes, she was wrong for boarding without fare. Yes, he should have stopped her (and we don’t know their back story…had they met before in a similar scene where he gave her a few passes or had she tried this before and he’d told her no before) There are always two sides to any story and especially when you are not an eye witness (not camera witness). Yes, he was wrong for hitting her and YES, the hecklers on the bus were as wrong! As you said, they both were wrong but what I find almost as reprehensible, is the world response. They have amped this scene up and Youtubed it to death! I guess civility is dying…

  2. You are indeed correct in your statement that they were both wrong in action. I have noticed a blatant disregard from today’s youth of their elders which is a sad and troubling state.

  3. Let me also say that I really think your styles are beautiful creations of art. What you do with our crowns is truly amazing, thoughtful and wonderful. May GOD continue to use you to uplift, encourage, educate and create

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