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GORGEOUS Natural Models Needed for Nov. 3rd Event

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The Damn Salon will be ripping the runway this Saturday, November 3, 2012 at the 5th Annual Family Health and Beauty Expo in Atlanta, Ga.  We are seeking Gorgeous models and volunteers.  Models and Volunteers will receive Damn Salon hair styling, professional makeup application, wardrobe styling, and more!  For consideration, please complete the following application.

We will also be viewing models Tues, Oct. 30 thru Thurs. Nov. 1  from 11am-5pm @ The Damn Salon Atlanta located at 6780 Roswell Rd., Atlanta, GA 30328.  Please visit the salon during the specified hours for consideration.




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… in the emergency room

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I’m sitting here in the waiting area of the emergency room with a lump in my throat. It is October 24, 2012. 8:52 pm. I am here to accompany someone I love who is sick. So many thoughts are running through my head. To my right is an old woman, maybe 96, maybe 82. I don’t know. But she is old and small and she is frail and in pain. She sits in her wheelchair while her granddaughter who looks to be in her late 30’s or early 40’s just keeps reassuring here everything is going to be okay. I can tell the old woman is complaining and begging for her granddaughter to get her a bed. The granddaughter is massaging the old womans leg and caressing her hair. She keeps telling her “I know. I know you’re hurting. I know. You are gonna be okay.” Now she is wiping a tear from her own face. She knows her grandmother probably won’t be okay. To her left is who seems to be her husband. He is just there to support his wife because he hasn’t said a word nor even looked at the grandmother.

To my left is a middle age women. I think thats a boyfriend beside her. He is just talking entirely too much to be her husband. Its a disconnected chat. Husbands and wives find a certain connection in silence. It’s got to be a new relationship. And he is wearing cowboy boots. I am not sure which one of them are sick.

To my far left is a women. She is a little chunky. She is all by herself. Where is her family? Her daughter? Her sister? Her friend? Anybody? She looks like she is in pain. But she has no one to care. I saw a pregnant lady walk in. She too was by herself. I don’t know where she went. In the middle is a woman coughing and coughing. She just keeps coughing. To the far right are a bunch of kids laughing and playing. They are oblivious to the reality of what is going on. A nurse just called this big gangster looking young boy to a room. Even gangsters get sick. I overheard another woman tell the nurse she thinks she is having a miscarriage, that she is bleeding excessively. The nurse told her to fill out a form. Then she told her to sit and wait. She is still bleeding.

Most people in here look distressed, like the burden of the world is on their shoulder. Some just look lonely. I hear the laughter of a receptionist. She is on a personal call. She sees this everyday. Maybe she just doesn’t care. Or maybe she does. They’re finally taking the old women to the back. The nurse is so calm. I don’t know the old women, but my heart hurts for her. I want to go sit beside her and tell her its okay. But people would call that strange. A white girl just got up and yelled to her black boyfriend. “F&^k you. Fine. You can just go home and F&8k yourself.” Everyone stopped and looked. He didn’t say anything. He just dragged his feet and left through the double doors. I didn’t have to point out that he was black and she was white but I live in this world.

Yesterday I learned the details of the passing of Dawnyele. A young woman whose heart burst minutes after the delivery of her baby. The day before she was perfectly healthy. The baby took her first breath. She took her last.

I have a lump in my throat because earlier today I felt the pressures of not just my own problems but mostly the people I love’s problems. These are the problems I usually carry on my shoulder. And I just became tired. Ms Dora Dobbins, an ever so sweet client of mine told me 2 weeks ago in Charlotte: “Mushiya, I think about you very often and I pray for you.” She Said “I pray for you all the time”. My heart cried because I knew these are the selfless prayers that give me my strength. Because just when you don’t think you can carry anything else, I am here at the hospital with a loved one.

The black boyfriend is back. He went to sit beside his girlfriend. It’s almost like twilight zone how everyone around us even the people who we really don’t know live the same lives as us. As me and as you. Thoughts don’t have to be complete sentences. As different as we are, we are all the same. Someone is crying. Someone is praying. Someone is fighting. Someone is hurting. Someone is dying. Someone is birthing. Someone is being born. Someone is ending a life. Someone is ending a life that hasn’t began. Someone is ending their own life before they even get out of the womb. Maybe that someone knows. Maybe the child in the woman’s womb who is miscarrying knows that life is really just a passage. And why go through the drama? Why go through the traumatic danger of being born and then embarking the emotional rollercoaster of loving, hating, loneliness, heartbreak, lying, being lied to, falling, watching a loved one die… and then Dying. Passage. Why not just pass without the age. I just looked at everyone in the room and everyone is lost in their own thoughts. Maybe the same thoughts. I don’t know. There are a lot of things I don’t know about life.

Most things we never even find out. But one thing I do know is that we are here. We are here and we are here for a reason even if its just to give another person their reason. Somehow there is always a purpose. I do not believe in coincidence nor do I believe in good luck or bad luck. God has designed it such that Every THING in our life, every PERSON in our lives, every STOP that we make has a REASON, a MEANING, a LESSON and a PURPOSE. Right now I am in the hospital, not for myself but with someone I love. The reason I am here is because there are far worse situations in life and far harder pains then my own which means that I must stand strong and learn whatever I need to learn from it. And once the lesson is revealed to me, the purpose of these thoughts and this day will eventually shed light to me for the people I love.

For now I will do what feels right. I will stay here. I will love the people that I love harder. I will thank those that are there for me. And I will continue to give to those that need me. I will continue to do what feels good. I will continue to laugh and find joy in this passage as a live to pass only with age.

I am still at the hospital. The lady to the far left is still by herself. There is a new couple sitting where the grandma used to be. They have a sick newborn in their hands. The white girl is laughing with her black boyfriend. I hear that same coughing somewhere. I am still here. But the lump in my throat is gone.


You CAN’T Miss this Amazing FREE Event…….. 5th Annual Family Health & Beauty Expo.

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MODELS and VOLUNTEERS Needed for this event!

Apply HERE 

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What The BLEEP is Wrong With Your Natural Hair? FREE WORKSHOP

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What the BLEEP is Wrong With Your Natural Hair?  FREE Workshop 

Nzuri Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Show.  

Reliant Center, Houston TX.

Saturday, December 8, 2012.   2:30 – 4:00 p.m.

Consumers and Professionals Welcome!!

Workshop:  What the BLEEP is wrong with your natural hair? We will tell you. Whether you are considering going natural, have been natural for some time or are in the process of transitioning we have an informative and fun filled 90 minutes in store for you. We will discuss the most common issues plaguing natural hair, and give you easy strategies to prevent and treat them.

About the InstructorMushiya, Founder of The Damn Salon –Mushiya is the Founder of The Damn Salon and innovator of the City Twists, Micro City Twists and the Urban Twists. Originally from The Republic of Congo, Mushiya learned to braid hair as a child. She has been a professional hair stylist for over 20 years. Mushiya is a sought after presence at natural hair events worldwide and is highly regarded as a subject matter expert.

Door Prize?  Yes. Valued at over $50!

Click here to Purchase Unlimited Free Workshops Access Pass and you can register for this Free Workshop!



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Gorgeous Atlanta area Natural Hair Model

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Gorgeous Atlanta area Natural Hair Models needed for The Damn Salon’s Nov 3. Runway Show @ 5th annual Black Family Health & Wellness Expo email for consideration.


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Who’s Natural Hair Is This?

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Hi there Gorgeous girls!

We ran across this awesome throwback photo and just had to share.  Do you know who this is?  Hard to believe he was once this handsome and healthy looking, isn’t it.



Stay Sexy!


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WTH? Young Women Curse and Assault Male Elders and Men Hit Women?

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So…’ve probably seen the video clips of the Cleveland bus driver, a 59 year old man, who delivered a now infamous uppercut to an irate 25 year old female passenger.  I tried to resist publicly weighing in on this “story” but alas, I could resist no longer.  As if the incident itself was not appalling enough to the civilized senses, the fallout and constant chatter behind it is enough to make a good Southern girl loose her religion.

If you have not heard about the story, let me bring you up to speed….

Its not clear what the two first began fighting over, but previously released video accounts and recent reports suggest that the female, Shidea N. Lane  attempted to board the bus on September 18 without paying.  A heated verbal exchange ensued.  In the video, Lane can be heard threatening to fight Artis Hughes, the driver.  Hughes then says he will get his daughter and granddaughter to come down and deal with her.   Lane then taunts that he should also bring his “mammy”.   The next thing you know, Lane approaches the bus driver,  he then rises from his seat and hits the young woman before throwing her off the bus. “She want to be a man, I’m gonna treat her like a man,” the driver announces to the screaming crowd.

I’m actually quite surprised that there is even a debate about this situation.  I mean, I would fully expect people to speak about the shameful and despicable behavior of both parties.  But to uphold one and defend the other?  I’m utterly confused.   In my opinion, Ms Lane behaved like an ignorant alley cat.  From the jump, she was dead wrong. Boarding the bus with no money?  And THEN cursing out the bus driver when he questions you?  Never mind the fact that driver just happens to be an elder, and a MAN.  Not to mention that all of this takes place while this particular man has her life, and that of about 2 dozen other individuals literally in his hands, behind the wheel.  Where dey do dat at?

Then there’s Mr. Hughes.  Upon learning that the passenger can’t pay her fare, he doesn’t pull the bus over.  Nope.  He doesn’t radio a supervisor, security, or the police when her verbal assault escalates.  No, he dignifies her ignorance by exchanging more than a few colorful words with her.  Only after Ms Lane makes physical contact with Mr Hughes does he stop the bus.  But only then, to deliver the uppercut now heard around the world.   Does this illustrate in any way the wisdom one would expect from a man nearly 60 years old?

I have spoken to men AND women who feel that the bus driver’s response was proper.  Some going as far as citing Darwin, saying that Hughes was defending his life from deadly force.  Others have said the young woman obviously wasn’t raised right and simply received a well deserved “spanking” that was long overdue.  Then there are those who say that Mr. Hughes was dead wrong, believing that a man should NEVER hit a woman.

I think Mr Hughes AND Ms Lane should BOTH be ashamed of themselves!  Neither behaved like a model citizen.  Mr Hughes should have had more presence of mind than to allow Ms Lane’s tantrum to escalate unchecked.  Had he used the resources available to him, the incident may never have turned physical.  But, since it did, he certainly could have sought remedies beyond the now infamous uppercut.  Ms Lane is in my opinion “The Rachett Girl” mascot.  Never in a million years was her disrespect of Mr Hughes, herself, or the other passengers warranted.  To behave so classlessly in public is beyond foreign to me.  Where I come from young people address elders with a yes ma’am and a no sir, even in the midst of a disagreement.  THIS is a sad case indeed.

What the hell is happening to us?…..

Please leave our comments below.

Stay Sexy!


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Giving Feels So DAMN Good.

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We give a Damn! The Damn Salon is committed to empowering and uplifting women worldwide and in our local community. Since our inception, we have donated complimentary makeovers to deserving women who have triumphed over difficult situations. Our mission is to celebrate and encourage these women by allowing them to take a moment for themselves while enjoying a complimentary beauty experience.

We are currently accepting nominations for deserving women in the Atlanta, Charlotte, and Washington DC areas.   Please complete this brief application for your nominee to be considered. Complimentary services will be awarded periodically, and at the sole discretion of The Damn Salon.

 If you would like to donate your professional services, please complete application. Community partners are needed in the following areas: hair styling, makeup, wardrobe styling, photography, videography,  resume writing,  job search resources and coaching, counseling, healthcare, dentistry, etc. We take pride in renewing women’s confidence and being the blessing called hope!


A Taste of Damn Is Coming To Your City


Los Angeles

November 13


Washington DC

December 1-3

Houston, TX

December 5-7



Make your DAMN appointment here or call 202.695.2554


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WTH? 14 Year old Girl Shot in the Head for Promoting Education.

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Good Evening Gorgeous Naturals.  Today’s What The Hell Wednesday post will be a serious departure from it’s usual hilarity.

Let me begin by asking a question.  When was the last time you thanked God for being born in America?  Yes, that was a serious question.  Those of you who know me, are probably wondering what I bumped my head on.  I know, I ‘m usually the loudest anti-AmeriKKKan, anti-establishment, anti-assimilation, pro-reparations, pro-black voice in the room.   That description of me is still quite accurate, but today I came across a news story that made me pause.

The story I’m referencing is that of Malala Yousafzai, a 14-year-old girl in Pakistan who was shot in the head on Tuesday while riding the bus home from school.  Apparently, a masked gunman boarded her bus, asked for her by name and then shot her in the head and neck. Today, she is fighting for her life.  Malala was targeted by the Pakistani Taliban because for the past three years she has spoken out for the rights of girls in her Taliban controlled area, the Swat Valley,  to become educated.  Currently girls in the region are banned from attending public schools.  In 2009, at the age of 11, Malala was introduce to the world via a blog she wrote for the BBC, detailing her life under the Tehrik-i-Taliban regime .  She has since been nominated for several awards, and has won Pakistan’s first National Peace Prize.

Please note that after the despicable shooting, a Taliban spokesman said that his organization considers Malala’s crusade for education rights an “obscenity” and accused her of “propagating” Western culture. If she survives, the group promises to try kill her again.

So again I ask, when was the last time you thanked The Almighty for the blessing of being born in America?  As I read this story, I began to think about all the things we take for granted.  Not only is education free to all  in the US, but higher education is encouraged and even subsidized in many cases.  Women in America have the freedom to vote, work, own property,  and even (gasp) wear lace-fronts.  YOU or I could have been born ANYWHERE else on the planet, at ANY OTHER era in time.  But we are HERE.  NOW.  God is good.

I won’t turn this into a sermon.  But I would like to encourage you to share this story with the youth in your life.  Explain to them the beautiful blessing called opportunity.  Say what you want about AmeriKKKa and it’s ugly (and recent) racist, sexist history.   I will again be the loudest voice in the Amen Corner.  That said, I will also say that I don’t believe in coincidence.  We are all placed on this earth at an appointed time, to fulfill an appointed purpose.  Find your purpose, and live it,  in spite of your adversity. At the tender age of 14, Malala did.  Let’s pray it doesn’t cost her her life.

All the Best my Goregeous Naturals!



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