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Keeping Your Hair Did, Does Not An Inspiration Make….

In Uncategorized on August 3, 2012 at 10:40 pm

What will it take for Black women to move beyond the beauty supply store?  The blogasphere is a’buzz with ignoramuses bashing 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas’s hair.    She is he first African American, the first woman, and the first American to ever win gold in both the individual and team Olympic All Around Gymnastic category.

What damn difference does it make how her hair looks?   She is CHAMPION of THE WORLD in gymnastics. Would she have represented the USA better with a waist length weave?  Perhaps a fresh relaxer would have won her a platinum medal. (Cuz gold just isn’t good enough right?).    It is beyond sad that her hair is even a topic of discussion.  Nevertheless it stands as a depressing reminder how deeply traumatized descendants of the diaspora continue to be.  For many, hair is  a measuring stick for beauty and success.  I even read a couple of tweets that said “her mother should be ashamed”.  Really?  What’s a shame is the fact the women stressing about her hair will most likely make no mark what-so-ever on the world. I am proud of Gabby.   Her hair has nothing to do with anything.

Keeping your hair did, does not an inspiration make….

Stay Sexy,


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