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This is the Sexiest Protective Style on the Planet! And it last 12 weeks!

In Uncategorized on July 20, 2012 at 11:31 am

Get  your 12 weeks of sexy for only $225.  Through July 31, 2012.

City Twists, The Damn Salon’s signature style, will give you the look of a natural 2-strand twist for up to 12 weeks with NO MAINTENANCE.  Just wash and condition as you normally would, wake and shake.   City Twists are uber versatile, and can be styled for the bedroom, or the boardroom in a mater a seconds.  This is the sexiest protective style on the planet.  Don’t wait to experience what bloggers and gorgeous naturals from New York to Miami, Alaska to the US Virgin Islands are raving about.  Call NOW to schedule your Damn experience 404.832.0801.

This special price includes one natural color – black or brown, 3 bundles of hair, and average length.  Additional colors, fullness and length re available at an additional cost.

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