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Whats the Right Product for Your Natural Hair Texture?

In Uncategorized on July 10, 2012 at 2:25 pm

I’ve always had an obsession with curly hair, while craving versatility. So how would I mesh the two and what products would I use?

In the spring of 2005, I decided to release myself from being a slave to the perm. Yes! the chains were broken; no more creamy crack. Finally, the emancipation of joining curly hair and versatility as one had begun. However, the decision to bring these two together would require some reconstruction. This journey started with some investigative research on my hair and finding the right products for my hair texture.

Here’s what I found as my weapons of natural reinforcement and ladies please feel free to use these tidbits along your transitioning trail or even to maintain your current natural state.

1.) Ingredients in the products used have to have essential oils as the first five.
2.) Water must be the main ingredient.
3.) Both shampoos and conditioners have to be sulfate free.
4.) Purchase hair products for dry hair if this is an issue you have struggled with but more than likely most transitioners will need these type of products

*In addition, individuals with tight coils/kinks similar to my texture should look for these types of products because they provide the moisture that this texture lacks. Moisture doesn’t travel down the hair strands as fast because of the flat shape in diameter associated with tightly coiled/kinky hair.

Just as soon as I had declared war on chemicals I began to realize that race and the hair business can be a tricky situation.

Hold up let me think about that!….. I was released from being a slave to the perm; experienced emancipation, went through reconstruction and now I’m told I have to go down a certain aisle because of my race! The emphasis should be on the texture of hair when companies are targeting people not race. I’ve seen individuals that identified themselves as descendants of Africans with straight hair (not chemically relaxed) and Caucasians with tight curls to wavy hair.

With that said be cautious when walking down the product hall of fame. Focus on the texture and the ingredients in the product; don’t look at the aisle and base your decision on who the companies have decided to position their products to. It’s important to know your texture and you will select the right product; therefore companies will not influence your decision based on race.

Now it’s your time to revolutionize your hair!

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