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A Lesson In Matching. Guest blogger “The Lone Natural”.

In Uncategorized on July 5, 2012 at 3:58 pm

Ok…I know the title may seem as though the color wheel is going to appear and hues of jewel tones and neutrals are going to flash before your eyes. So left field!

Ever since I was a little girl, I had this crazy obsession with matching my clothes! Every now and then, when my dad did my hair withan array of different styles, my mom would grab a dress and I’d declare, at 6yrs old mind you, “It doesn’t match!”  I’m not talking your typical, blues with khaki or blacks with white. No I’m talking about matching your hair…with your flare!

Many women find that when they rid themselves of chemical relaxers and go natural, there aren’t many options for different social occasions. In addition many find that when one goes natural they have to over compensate on style. Here are my thoughts in motion.

Just big chopped and want to flip the script on that “wear big earrings” stereotype?!  Instead, try and offset it with something that shows your boldness! A dress and bold print cami or even a tantalizingly tailored pant suit will show that Natural Hair Holds No Bars!

Have a fro that goes…and goes…and want to vamp it up? Why not try a Shingai Showina inspired do! Her fab twist on the French roll will show you’re outside of the box and funkitfy your style! Throw in skinny jeans, a boyfriend button up and a bold necklace and you’ve got yourself  a cool and sleek weekend look!

Come on cuties! The possiblities are endless! Show your fab flare and seize the day!

By:  Cadian
The Lone Natural

Get Wet!

Don’t be afraid of the water this Summer.  City Twists can get wet, and get you wet…

Stay Sexy,

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