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What The Hell….Are Lace-front Wigs Doing To Your Hairline?

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SMDH…..What The Hell would ever possesses someone to glue a wig to their forehead?

Every day a woman visits or calls The Damn Salon distraught, disgruntled, and disgusted by their damaged and disappearing hairline. Its crazy. But what’s even crazier is the fact that we sometimes have trouble uncovering and then convincing these poor souls that lace-front wigs are to blame.  So, I’m here to set the record straight for once and for all ladies.

Lace fronts are ugly, damaging and ugly.  They do not look natural.  They do look ridiculous.  Even worse than that, they cause severe and often irreparable damage to your hairline.  Just one episode of wearing a lace-front will leave tell-tale signs of damage around your hairline!   Any more than once, you’re playing Russian Roulette with irreversible tension/traction alopecia.  

Lace-front wigs are not a new ingenious invention, ladies.  They have been around for years.  But please understand that lace-fronts were originally designed for performers.  They are stage wigs.  They are meant to be worn only a few hours at a time.  Drag queens, models and performers of every persuasion have been wearing lace-front wigs for years.   The tape/glue helps the hairpiece stay in place in spite of sweat, dancing and wardrobe changes.  Truth be told, from 20 rows back, a lace-front wig on stage just might look natural.

So how does this translate to everyday life?  It doesn’t.  Gluing a wig to the  most vulnerable area of your hair is just not smart.  Couple that glue with the tension that takes place when you frown, laugh or smile and the scrubbing effect that happens while you’re sleeping and you have a recipe for disaster.  Wearing a lace-front wig as a protective style is like applying Nair to your hair as a conditioner.  It won’t work!

If you must wear a wig ladies, DO NOT glue it on.  Always wear a wig cap.  Make sure your hair is well moisturized.  Protect your ends by dividing the hair and making  twists or braids and tucking the ends under.  Allow your scalp to breathe.  Only wear your wig when absolutely necessary.  Lastly, keep your edges moisturized with a light oil or growth serum.

If you do suffer from hair-loss related to tension or traction alopecia,  you still have options.  The Damn Salon has developed techniques that will camouflage the damage.  Call 404.832.0801 today to schedule your consultation.

Stay Sexy!

Dava Divine.

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  1. What the HELL are we doing to our crown and glory?

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