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Gym Curls: Working Out and Natural Hair Maintenance

In Uncategorized on June 5, 2012 at 2:54 pm

Summer time is fast approaching and you feel it’s time to take control of your life and get in shape. You want to be able to rock a two-piece teeny-weeny bikini without feeling, or looking like “Precious”. You’ve got the running shoes, the fly matching Nike gear, and a playlist that will make any athlete want to work up a sweat. Well, what’s holding you up? Oh, you just two strand twisted your hair last night and you don’t want your roots to be puffy….

There have been several articles written about the African American society and how we will forgo working out because we don’t want to mess up our beautiful tresses. Even as naturalistas we spend a lot of time and money on making sure our hair looks good so why in the world would we want to go to the gym and sweat out a good natural hairstye?

Working out is one of the main reasons why I went Natural, well that and the fact that as a PhD students my income is very limited. There are several ways that we can take care of our hair and still get in a super charged workout 3-4x’s a week.

Workout Friendly Styles

Afro’s can be a lot to deal with when working out. The easiest thing to do would be to pull your hair back in a puff. Since I really don’t like a lot of stress on my hair I stick with plaiting my hair down in sections and putting a hat on. This particular practice works great for me because, the hat makes me look more sporty and serious about my workout, it also allows me to wear a not so flattering protective style out in public. Once your work is done, remove the hat and either leave the braids in or style as usual. I find that after a workout my braids yield an awesome braid out. You can also go old school and wrap a scarf around your head. I find that scarves work best during lower impact workouts

Remove excess moisture from your scalp

If you’re like me you’re more prone to sweat from your scalp and you’ll find this to be the case more so when you’re wearing an afro. Removing excess moisture from your scalp after a workout will not only prolongs the life of your hairstyle, but it will also help stop the build up of salt and dirt. Using a curl cloth, I typically part my hair in sections, and go through blotting off the excess moisture.

Co Washing 

If you’ve just installed your braids or twist and you’re worried about the build up of salt and sweat on your scalp due to multiple workout
sessions co-washing is a great way to make sure your hair is fresh. When co-washing you to use a conditioner and  rub it on your scalp and onto you hair. While it won’t make your hair squeaky clean it will help to clear the build up of dirt oil and grease.  Peppermint and Tea Tree Conditioner from The Damn Salon would work well for this.

Rock a fitness head band

If you sport a TWA and are limited with the amount styles rock a fashionable fitness headband. Headbands are great because they catch the excess moisture and keep it out of your face.  They also look cute!

I hope these tips helped you get over that hump and head into the gym to sculpt that amazing body we all know is just waiting to be unleashed. Besides just think as a Naturalista you have the upper hand in the gym. The more you sweat the curlier and cuter your hair gets, no need worry about your edges not matching the rest of your hair. Just like your workout, it’s all you baby just own it!!

See You in the Gym!


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