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Fit, Fly and Cosmetically Challenged…

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In April I had the great opportunity to have my hair done by The Damn Salon. If you’ve never heard of the Damn Salon you’re truly missing out. The Damn Salon is an upscale hair braiding salon that provides a different twist on braided natural hair styles. If you go to their website they say they are a private natural hair salon that is invitation only. While that may have been true in the past, servicing is now open to the general public so anybody can come and take advantage of this wonderful experience.

The Damn Salon’s motto is ” Who said Natural Hair had to Be Boring?”, their goal is to provide an upscale braiding experience and deliver funky styles that will not only turn heads, but also make a declaration that natural hair isn’t just afro’s and kinky twist, it’s a fashion statement, a way a life for the unique individual to be fierce, and give attitude in a way that brings out their personality.  The Damn Salon has shops in Atlanta and Charlotte with talk of opening a Salon in DC.

I was able to get my hair done by The Damn Salon touring division. Every 3 months the Damn Salon travels down the east coast stopping  in New York,Philadelphia and DC. After seeing these ladies at the Natural Girls Rock event in Atlanta, I toyed with the idea of having my hair damned. I live a very active life style and I was tired of having to do something with my hair all of the time. I figured getting my hair “damned” would allow me the opportunity to rock a new style and allow my hair a chance to rest.

 On April 2nd, the day of my appointment I met the “damned” ladies at their temporary Philadelphia site and from the moment I walked in the door I had one of the best hair braiding experiences ever. I was given a consultation by Dava, whom I’d met in January and I she walked me through each style, helping me to pick out what I wanted. While I loved the Urban Twist I had already fallen in love with a picture of Micro City Twist I saw a young lady wearing previously so I decided to go with that. After my consult I was greeted by Mushiya, founder of The Damn Salon who helped me complete my styling decision.

My entire process took about 10hrs, this is only because I had Micro City Twist done. Ladies who were receiving Urban twist were in and out in 2hrs or less! While there we were treated to great conversation, amazing food, wine and lots of laugh. by the end of the day I felt I’d accomplished more then getting my hair braided.  I’d also made some great friends!

It was an amazing experience and my hair turned out wonderfully. If you are considering getting your hair “Damned” and have questions about my experience feel free to ask!


Melody is a fitness aficionado,  PhD student, make-up artist and blogger for  She was neither solicited, paid or discounted for this review.

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