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Day 1 of Taste of Damn Philly…..

In Uncategorized on April 7, 2012 at 7:23 am

So WE ARE REALLY enjoying Philly! We had a great group of girls yesterday who we damned! Khalifahs were in & out like damn. Mom got damned! Daughter got darned!. Tanya & Gina drove from NJ!  I called you ladies to make sure you got home but your phone s were both off. Something you want to talk about??? Give me your shoes Tanya.  Nefertari, me and you babe. Felicia…stop looking at me(*). You know one of those people in a room who just don’t miss a beat! That was Felicia. Everywhere I turned, there she was! You are the best!  No really, Thara is French. Veronica, you are now a damn girl! Cadian…. ammm….. ahkai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cadian you and I can NEVER have a drink together, because … SOBER… we were …. well….. ummmm…. humphhhh…… I’m not really feeling it!  LOLOLOLOLOL!

Well its 7:17 am and day 2  in Philly is about to begin in something something minutes. Why the hell are my fingers hurting?


  1. Ahahahahahaa! OMG!!!!! No alcohol needed! LMBO!!! And why am I just seeing this?? Ahahahaha!!! Oh I know why, its cuz I keep looking in the mirror and being stopped on the street because my hair is so fabulous….Akkayyyyyy!!!!

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