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The Damn Salon Philadelphia April 6-9, 2012

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The loyal Damn Girls of Philadelphia are road warriors! They have traveled to Atlanta, Charlotte and Washington D.C. to be Damned. We appreciate you hautties for that! Now we’re bringing the Damn Salon to you! Thats right, were packing up our senior stylist, all of our signature styles, our infamous gourmet meals, and The Damn house wine– and we’re coming to Philly!

A Taste of Damn Philadelphia will take place April 6-9, 2012. We will offer all of the Damn Salon Signature Styles like City Twists, Urban Twists and Micro City Twists. We will also be offering Loc Extensions, Baby City Twists, Afro Fusions, The French Kiss and the Nwele Hair Elongation Technique.
There are limited appointment slots available. Make your appointment TODAY. Call 202.695.2554.

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Relaxer Today, Tumors Tomorrow.

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It is public knowledge that The Damn Salon is not a fan of relaxers. But now we have more than just our incredible sense of self confidence, style and good taste to back us up. Emerging research endeavors by The University of Boston indicates that there may be a link between relaxers, fibroid tumors, and other reproductive diseases.  If you are still relaxing your hair, you may be getting a lot more than you bargained for…..


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Just when you thought you’d seen everything for locs. The Damn Salon does it again.!

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My Natural Hair Does Not Grow….. What???

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My Hair Does Not Grow


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My Hair Does NOT Grow….. Whattt!!
Did you know that hair is dead! Yes this comes as a surprise to most, but the strands of your hair are actually dead. Which means that they are very prone to dryness. Dry hair is what causes breakage and breakage is why most black women think that their hair does not grow. “My Hair does not grow.”… Ahh yes, the hell it does. All HAIR GROWS.

The only reason your hair may not be as long as Sarah Janes hair is because it is breaking faster than it is growing. The general rule is that hair grows about an average of 6 inches per year and has the lifespan of 2 to 6 years depending on health, hereditary and environment. This means that your hair, baby girl, has thepotential to be 12 to 36 inches before it sheds! WTF! 
Shedding is natural but breaking is not. Breaking is when the hair falls off at a week point or because it is dry and brittle. What is the solution? The solution is moisture ladies. You want to keep your hair strands as moist and elastic as possible. This means that you must stopgoing weeks and months without washing your hair. DO NOT BE AFRAID of water. There is no better moisturizer than water itself. Then you must use a good moisturizing butter that you should run through the strands with your finger. After the butter you may add good oil to seal in the moisture.  Our peppermint and Tea Tree Hair butter contains rich humictants in it which are substances that absorb moisture from the air, thus further moisturizing your hair. Less dryness, will lead to less breakage, which will allow to actually see and experience the length of your hair. Who the hell is Sarah Janes anyway. 
In the next few weeks we will be really getting intense with tips to help your hair get healthy and grow. We also be offering a Free Hair Evaluations at the The Damn Salon in Atlanta, Charlotte and Taste of Damn DC. Stay tune. 
darling!, You’re prettier than Sarah Janes.
Founder and Creative Director of The Damn Salon

hair butter
PeppermintTea Tree Butter $20
Hair Care Ensembles
$25 + 
Peppermint & Tea Tree Oil  $15


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