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Again. B!+ch your hair is not Natural.

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Obviously, this post is not intended to to be warm and fuzzy or make a bunch of new friends.  What it is intended to do is be a better friend to you than most people have been, by telling the blunt well deserved truth.  So here goes:  If you straighten, texturize, press, flat iron, blow out, hot comb, blow dry, or otherwise straighten your hair– Bitch, your hair is not natural.  Straightening the hair with chemicals or heat alters and ultimately destroys the natural curl pattern of the hair.  This is the antithesis of “going natural”.  Texturizing the hair,  is simply a misleading term for chemically stretching (straightening) the natural curl pattern. This also leaves the hair in an unnatural state.

Listen.  Perming, pressing, and texturizing are fine if you are aware of the damage these methods cause.  Even better if you like the results.  But it is important that you know that these methods forever change your hair.  Again, this is the very definition of unnatural, as it relates to the hair!

Why do people chose to straighten their hair in the first place?  The sociologist in me would like to site obvious reasons like self loathing, poor self esteem, and a desire to be anything other than self.  Reasons that remain sad remnants of colonization, slavery, and the adoption of European standards of beauty.  But, I digress.

The reasons most women site for straightening the hair are usually more benign.  “For versatility”, they say.  Well,  there are innumerable natural hair styles that can be achieved without the use of heat or chemicals.   Finger twists, comb twists, two-strand twists, flat twists, City Twists, Urban Twists, Micro City Twists, micro braids, cornrows, French braids  and the list goes on…and on.  Mind you,  all of these styles are available at The Damn Salon (#shamelssplug) .  These “natural” styling options are also easy on the hair even protective, to boot.  There is far more versatility in natural hair styles than there is in a feathered bob, no?

Then others say “I straighten my hair so it can be more manageable”.  Well, that just doesn’t make any sense.  If you can “manage” to wash, blow dry, flat iron and then curl your hair,  you can most certainly exercise the care and patience needed to tame your mane naturally.

For arguments sake, lets concede that many of the women who choose to straighten, so do because they don’t really know how to care for their natural hair.  Ok, but what if there were a simple, step-by-step system that made it easy?  Drum roll please…….

We would like to introduce The Natural Hair Care System, brought to you by The Damn Salon!  This fool-proof system  allows you to condition, maintain and style your hair natural without causing any damage.  This system  uses no heat or chemicals but produces hair that is shiny, healthy, and most of all manageable.  You will also be able to enjoy your hair at it’s full length, without being traumatized by shrinkage.

The Damn Salon will be debuting The World’s Natural Hair Care System at the Nzuri Natural Hair Expo in Hosuton, TX December 10-11, 2011.  For a limited time, The Damn Salon will be offering FREE hair health consultations.  We will custom design a treatment and maintenance program specific to your individual needs.  Call 404.832.0801 Today to book your consultation.

Natural is, as Natural does….
Dava Divine.
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  1. I’m so excited about this I can’t wait to hear about it. I’m on a weight loss journey right now and when I loose 100lbs my gift to myself will be a trip to the Damn Salon in ATL. I so cannot wait to do this!!

  2. I agree with everything you say…But do you have to use the B-word to get your point across?The word bitch has been used to describe black women for decades, and appropriating it does not empower us. It only reifies the perception people have of black women.

    • Hi Felicia,
      Thanks for your comment. I hear what you are saying with regard to the “B” word. But, I am firm believer that it is up to US to empower US. We don’t concern ourselves with typical, or previous understandings of anything. How else could we have ever embarked on this beauty movement that is The Damn Salon, if we were concerned with conventional understandings. Those same understandings tell us that nappy hair is unattractive and moreover unacceptable. Bitch is only a bad word, because WE have accepted what they tell US it means. Define yourself, beautiful!

      Dava Divine.

  3. I agree completely!

  4. the state of black hair whether it be male or female is always an expression of our emotional self. whether its a regular high and tight perm or dreadlocks this is what we choose and how we choose to wear our hair. It doesn’t make us more or less natural than another. Next thing you know it will be un-natural to wash our hair because even shampoo and conditioners contain chemical.~ Roe-D. and this comes from an African American male who doesn’t even have one string of hair

  5. Or you can straighten your hair just because you like it straight! There can be 10,000 hair styles for the kinky/curly girl but if I want it straight then by God I’ll straighten it. I am not “self loathing” and I certainly have no self esteem issues. No one told me that I needed to have straight hair to be beautiful, actually, to the contrary I have been told for YEARS that I didn’t need a perm [I know the proper term is relaxer but my hair is relaxed now so I’ll use perm] but felt like I couldn’t go natural because of genetic and I repeat genetic not chemical balding. The fact is that now that I have finally taken the step, I don’t think I’ll go back to straightening it but if I do it’s because it was MY personal preference to become straight. Not because someone “brainwashed me” and certainly not to “fit in.” I also refuse to let a “Natural Nazi” bully me into thinking there is something wrong with straightening it either.

    • Hey Gorgeous! Straightening your hair is fine, as long as you know that causes irreversible damage to your natural curl pattern. The point of the post was not to say don’t straighten. It was to inform those that do, that their hair is forever changed. If you want to keep your natural curl pattern in tact, heat and chemicals should be strictly avoided. That’s all. Thanks for reading. Please come back. Dava Divine

  6. […] is public knowledge that The Damn Salon is not a fan of relaxers. But now we have more than just our incredible sense of self confidence, style and good taste to […]

  7. Interesting post. I’m curious as to why you didn’t include coloring the hair. It’s a chemical too, right?

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