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Damn your hair loss!

In Natural Hair, The Damn Salon on November 30, 2011 at 1:53 pm

That’s right.  If you suffer from hair loss, we can Damn you!  You know The Damn Salon is known for fashion forward, voluminous, billowy hair styles.  What you may not know, is our signature styles do not require a client to have a full head of hair.  We have developed techniques that allow you to enjoy big beautiful hair, while treating and/or camouflaging hair loss.  Alopecia, male pattern baldness and host of similar issues are no match for City Twists.   The Damn Salon’s signature styles are light as a feather, custom designed for each client and extremely protective.  Our line of natural hair care products contain essential oils and extracts that encourage growth and recovery.   Schedule your FREE consultation TODAY!   We’re thinking of remixing The Damn Salon Theme Song …WARNING:  City Twist will make other bitches cry (and cover your bald spot) ”   What do you think?….

Stay sexy!
Dava Divine.

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  1. […] related to tension or traction alopecia,  you still have options.  The Damn Salon has developed techniques that will camouflage the damage.  Call 404.832.0801 today to schedule your […]

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