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If your hair isn’t growing, you might be dead!

In Uncategorized on November 27, 2011 at 8:27 pm

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive at The Damn Salon is “How can I make my hair grow?”.  Ladies, let’s set the record straight for once and for all.  Human hair grows at a rate of about 1/4 inch a month. If you are alive and reasonably healthy, your hair is growing.  The rate of growth can be influenced by a number of factors such as heredity, diet, health and environment. Women are often inclined to believe that their hair isn’t growing because they are damaging the hair as it is growing.  Therefore they never get to enjoy the new growth.

Damage can be caused by dryness, the application of heat, and other abusive styling methods. The real “trick” to enjoying optimal hair growth is to protect the hair while stimulating healthy growth. Protective styles that prevent damage & breakage will allow you to see the growth your hair normally experiences. Moisture is key. Hair that is brittle or dry will break. Moisturize from the inside out. Drink lots of water and keep the hair and scalp moisturized with The Damn Salon hair butter.  Fall and Winter  is a great time of year to wear one of the Damn Salon’s signature styles like City Twists or Micro City Twists.  City Twists not only cause horny husbands, but they also protect the hair against the harsh cold air from outside and the drying effects of HVAC and heat indoors.  Now that’s a win -win if I’ve ever heard one…

Stay Sexy!
Dava Divine.

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  1. Love the info and I am planning to be DAMNED one day.

  2. I tell my mom this ALL THE TIME! She thinks her hair stops growing at a certain length… I told her, “if you’re alive, your hair is growing!” She just needs to learn how to take care of it. My hair has flourished in one year, and that’s because I pay attention to my hair. I “listen” to what she needs, and we’ve had our ups and downs, but my hair is pretty DAMN awesome right now.

    • It’s amazing all the mystery surrounding something as simple as hair growth. Care is the key to success. Love your hair, and you will love the end result. Thanks for reading! Please subscribe.

  3. I’m planning a Damnation in Feb if i can get on the list (DC)

    • Hey Gorgeous! You can ABSOLUTELY get on the list for D.C. We will be in D.C. February 2-11. We are over half books, so make your appointment ASAP. Give us a call 202.695.2554. We can’t wait to Damn you!

      Dava Divine

  4. Good info. Hope to give my hair some DAMN stimulation soon

  5. I really want to try the Damn City twists. They are super cute and seem to be a great way to protect my hair this winter.

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