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HairWeGo Interviews The Damn Salon

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With a salon name like “” you know you’re walking out with a damn good hairstyle! We could help but to find out more about the salon behind this intriguing name. We sat down with the salon owner, Mshiya to find out a little bit more about this intriguing and trending salon franchise.

(WARNING: this article contains lots of fun words like damn, damnit, &  etc…we had fun with this – Grab your popcorn and enjoy!)

HairWeGo: How long has “The Damn Salon” been around and who is the creative mind behind empire?

The Damn Salon: The Damn Salon has been in the hair and fashion industry creating exclusive, high fashion natural styles for over 15 years, even way before Natural was “cool”. Mushiya founded and became Creative Director of Damninnovated’s sexy signature  style “City Twists” mostly because most salons offered boring, mundane very limited styles for natural hair… and who wants to wear cornrows everyday?

HairWeGo: What an interesting name for a hair salon, What inspired the name “The Damn Salon”?

The Damn SalonThrough our natural hair styling techniques, make-up application, wardrobe styling, photo shoots, pampering and so much more…we have the ability to make low self esteemed women become more confident, a short woman grow taller, no cheekbone looks more defined, fat people look skinnier,  skinny women look thicker, angry women feel happier, & worried women not give a damn. This look gets single women get married, married women get divorced, & other women get pregnant…

If you haven’t heard, or City Twists cause horny husbands. The point is, our technique, our ambiance, our customer service, and our ability to transform women from the outside in inspires a hell of a lot more then just a Haute Damn hairdo. It makes for an experience that can only leave one to whisper “Damn.”  Hence the name, The Damn Salon.

HairWeGo: Does your salon also style relaxed hair? If not why only natural hair?

The Damn Salon: NO. Just kidding. Well,  not really. This is a trick question! We do STYLE relaxed hair but we will NOT perm or relax hair. For example, we can do most of our signature natural styles like City Twists in relaxed hair and make a women look like she actually has gorgeous, sexy natural hair, but we do not carry perms nor have any pressing combs or any type of straightening appliances in our salons. They are the devil. LOL. By the way… I find my own jokes funny.

Our ability to give permed hair women the opportunity to have a natural hair FIX is great for women who may want to go natural but are afraid, or may want to look like they are natural… for like 5 minutes… or 3 months. It allows them to get a taste of “natural” and then of course, they get addicted. I promise I am not making  this up. Our secret mission (don’t tell anyone) is to transition all these permed hair women to natural hair lovers. And let me tell you, it is easy as hell. Once they go natural (and not just any natural… haute damn natural), they start feeling like they are “IT”… And damnit, they are. The compliments from men, women, and anything else with a mind or ‘a mind of it own’ (if you know what I mean ‘wink, wink’) are enough to make them say “ahh, screw the perms”!

And to answer the latter part of the question ‘Why only Natural Hair’, well, because it makes permed hair girls jealous! Ok fine. Because, not only is it healthier than swallowing chemicals through the pores of our scalp, but it is beautiful. Natural hair is not to be simply accepted as though it is a deformity, it is to be envied because it is the shit.

HairWeGo: What range of hairstyles can one get at your salon?

The Damn SalonActually we do more than just hair. We also do make-up, photo shoots, wardrobe styling, and lash extensions. Some of our signature styles include City TwistsUrban Twists, & Micro City Twists. These are styles that we created for natural hair. They are all custom contoured to the persons face and bone structure and are unique to each persons character. These styles can be done on both natural and permed hair. We also do other styles like tai braid fusions, weaves, strand by strand fusions etc. If one does not desire to add extensions, we have several styles that we can do on ones own natural hair. We do a lot of maintenance and treatments on natural hair like trims, moisturizing treatments, shampoo and deep conditioning treatments, etc.

HairWeGo: What would you advise a newbie natural on how to maintain a healthy natural hair?

The Damn SalonDO NOT PRESS YOUR HAIR. Women who are transitioning often do not realize that pressing and straightening with hot combs or flat irons or blow dryers or any other of those “things”still processes your hair. Therefore, when one may think she is going natural, she really isn’t.  Hence the reason, some women who are transitioning never actually get to see their natural hair because as it grows, they straighten it. Pressing permanently changes the curl pattern of the hair. It also causes hair to thin and break just like perm does. The most ironic question I too often receive, when I tell women this is: “then what is the best way to wear my natural hair straight?” Okay. This is like asking what is the healthiest way to smoke a cigarette…. ahhh….not to smoke it at all? Or ‘what is the safest way to jump in front of a moving car?’ Well actually, the answer to this would be ‘definitely… with City twists on’. Trust and believe the car will come to a screeching halt like “Damn.” (Please folks do not try this on Interstate-85. Maybe… I-285 will work. Just kidding)

Another very important thing to keep in mind when transitioning or new to natural hair is MOISTURE, MOISTURE, MOISTURE. Keep your hair very well moisturized by using sulfate free shampoo and conditioners and by avoiding products with Petroleum, Mineral Oils and Alcohol. Petroleum clogs your pores which prevents good moisturizing substances and nutrients from penetrating through your scalp, causing your hair to be oily yet, feel dry. This is the result of the products just sitting on your strands. Alcohol drys your scalp while sulfate removes the natural oils that your body produces from your hair. Thus use alcohol and sulfate free products. The Damn Salon of course has great hair product that factor all of the above points, so the moral of the story is… buy our damn products. LOL. No seriously ladies, learn your ingredients and read the ingredients on every hair product before just believing the title of the label. My last most important advice to newly natural people is to go to The Damn Salon. Disclaimer: Your girlfriends will hate you.

HairWeGo: Where can we find the damn salon? What are the addresses?

The Damn SalonEVERYWHERE! Atlanta, North Carolina, Miami, Montreal and if that is not one of your cities, then take a plane or a road trip like most of our clients. No Seriously, it is and will be well worth the trip. We have hundreds of clients that come in from everywhere including California, New York, Chicago, DC, even Hawaii. They literally fly in, get the damn experience, (hair, cuisine, music, fine wine and more) and fly out on the same day. The Damn Salon is a getaway. Some cities like Miami and Montreal offer limited services so one must call to see what services are available in those cities. Atlanta and North carolina offer FULL services. If we are currently not in your city, rally your city ladies, because the more requests we get from a city, the higher it gets on our lists of new places to open.

The exact address?… its a private salon dammit. :) One must call, or be referred by a member or visit us online at website or any of our social networks (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and linkedin) to request an invite.

We look forward to sending you an invite. Stay Sexy. Stay Damn. Cheers!

HairWeGo: Well damn! – I mean well then! – I’ve been damnmified. But ladies I think we’ve gotta get our invite request in. Let’s do this!

The Damn Salon is a private salon, by invitation only.


Cornelius, NC. 704.325.2023

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