the damn salon

$175 City or Urban Twists… Haute Damn! This Sunday ONLY 404.832.0801

In Cosmetics, Damn Musique, Fashion, Natural Hair, The Damn Salon on June 18, 2011 at 6:43 pm

Okay, so our client comes to the salon and really wants City twists for $175 and we were like “are you out of your mind…. we have never charged 175 for City Twists… EVER!” Well you have her and fathers day to thank. This will probably NEVER happen again so if you have ever wanted to get City or Urban Twists basically for Free…. $175 is not that far off. Of course there are some damn stipulations.

With the purchase of a Damn Hair Product Ensemble ($96) you can get your average length, any one color City or Urban Twists for $175. This special does not apply to ‘special’ cases. Like, don’t come here with a big bald spot or VERY short or VERY long hair, or ‘a lot of space on your head’ aka big head (you know who you are) and request the special. It’s not okay.

This is a ONE day special for this Fathers Day because it takes women to make fathers. Okay fine… I just needed a reason. Call Immediately  as there are only a few available spots.

Other stipulations may apply. This special is subject to damn discretion.

The Damn Salon is a private salon, by invitation only.

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  1. Ms. M! U R something else! I love your marketing skills. U really got it going on! I know U had a large turn out. U, not living in a bubble, realize the economic situation a lot of sistas of all nationalities are going thru right now. Therefore, your offer is not only timely, it’s affordable for those who desire to look DAMN FABULOUS in spite of the brokeness. One does not have to look poor, when their finances dictate otherwise. Thank U Mz. M for providing the service to sistas who would not otherwise be able to experience the DAMN EXPERIENCE! GIRRRRLLLLL. that was a blessing to many and U will be blessed by it. From a marketing stand point, superb move. Now, not that U aren”t already, the word is really gonna get out, in NC, and beyond They will be coming in droves to be NATURALLY DAMN FABULOUS! U’re about to definitely blow up Soul Sista! Keep exploiting the beauty of being natural, a lot of us could use that right now. LOvE Ya!

    PS U R so DAMN REAL!!!! Continue to keep it REAL! Can’t do nothing but respect U 4 it! Thanx 4 keeping it so DAMN REAL! This special case is not gonna make an appointment until I can come to U and your staff correct, in other words with something to work with! LMAO!!!!!!!!!

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