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$175 City or Urban Twists… Haute Damn! This Sunday ONLY 404.832.0801

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Okay, so our client comes to the salon and really wants City twists for $175 and we were like “are you out of your mind…. we have never charged 175 for City Twists… EVER!” Well you have her and fathers day to thank. This will probably NEVER happen again so if you have ever wanted to get City or Urban Twists basically for Free…. $175 is not that far off. Of course there are some damn stipulations.

With the purchase of a Damn Hair Product Ensemble ($96) you can get your average length, any one color City or Urban Twists for $175. This special does not apply to ‘special’ cases. Like, don’t come here with a big bald spot or VERY short or VERY long hair, or ‘a lot of space on your head’ aka big head (you know who you are) and request the special. It’s not okay.

This is a ONE day special for this Fathers Day because it takes women to make fathers. Okay fine… I just needed a reason. Call Immediately  as there are only a few available spots.

Other stipulations may apply. This special is subject to damn discretion.

The Damn Salon is a private salon, by invitation only.

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Damn Hair Product Ensemble

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The Damn Hair Ensemble includes 4 Products from our Peppermint & Tea Tree Line: Shampoo, Conditioner, Butter & Oil.


The luxurious damn body butter melds together the ancient knowledge of thousands of years of African skin-care with the advancements of modern day methodology. Not only is it healing & therapeutic to the skin but it is rich in properties that fight against the formation of stretch-marks and wrinkles, while reducing cellular degeneration.

The addiction to this body butter begins with its tempting chocolate aroma. Packed with Anti-Oxidants, it aids in the restoration of skin elasticity and moisture, while protecting the skin against harmful elements. Remarkably, it is 100% Natural, without any Alcohols, Chemicals, Mineral oils or Petroleum… so natural… that it has an expiration date.

This damn butter is a delicacy, melting instantly on your skin like the finest Belgium chocolate, making your skin smooth, supple, sexy & youthful. This butter will rejuvenate your skin, making it feel and look better than ever before, marking its instant and undeniable difference by the nouveau radiance it gives your skin.

We created it for you. Now the choice is yours… but you’re damned if you do… and damned if you don’t.


Because of its high content of non-saponifiables as well as its exceptional fatty acid content which gives the Shea nut the ability to moisturize and retain elasticity of the hair, African healers have held Shea butter for thousands of years as the perfect beauty trade secret.  Our damn Hair butter is a mixture of the highest and purest grade of natural Shea Butter as well as a combination of some of the earth’s finest and most valuable nuts, fruits flowers and vegetables. With the addition of peppermint and tea tree for superior scalp stimulation, this amazing damn butter is the perfect coupling of nurture and resistance against harsh environmental conditions. 

We managed to create a damn hair butter that easily penetrates the shafts of the hair restoring health, shine, elasticity as well as conditioning & softening hair, without leaving behind thick films of unwanted & harmful residues.  Without the destructive addition of any petroleum, mineral oils or paraffin, this light, rich & non-greasy, emollient rich butter is perfect for achieving that much desired long, healthy and strong hair.

Your hair will be lavished with this extremely concentrated formula. We didn’t skimp nor take any short cuts to create this butter, and the results will speak for themselves. Remarkably, it is 100% natural and chemical free… so natural that it has an expiration date. This hair butter is a delicacy, and by far the best and most powerful addition to any hair care regiment. Now thats a damn hair butter. Use it, because you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.


Our damn peppermint and tea tree shampoo is both sulfate and paraben free, resulting in a gentle lather that neither dries hair follicles nor strips hair of the moisture and nutrients it naturally produces.  It is mild, yet highly cleansing and effective as the peppermint and tea tree opens the pores, allowing the stimulating and nourishing ingredients to hydrate the hair strands from deep within the roots. Our damn Shampoo is the perfect balance of technology, luxury and healthiness. Never again will you have to wonder what your shampoo is doing as you will instantly feel the damn Shampoo invigorating and stimulating your scalp into complete harmony, cleanliness, healthiness and growth. Now thats a damn shampoo.


Our damn peppermint and tea tree conditioner, both sulfate and paraben free is simply the best Damn thing you can do for your hair. The perfectly balanced pH levels of this conditioner compacts the cuticle layer of the hair, producing shiny, bouncy hair that is not weighed down. Thick, rich and creamy, this all natural conditioner will send your scalp into damn over-drive as it moisturizes and conditions the follicles from deep within. One of the reasons people complain about the way conditioners make their hair feel is because the pH levels are usually too high for proper hair care. The damn salon has researched and produced a conditioner with the perfect pH level to leave hair feeling smooth and light, while enhancing the moisture that hair naturally produces. As if that isn’t enough, this conditioner helps with detangling by sealing in the moisture and reducing the static electricity caused by rough cuticle edges.  The damn conditioner is the epitome of pampering, and will leave your hair feeling soft and pliable – the perfect release that your head has been waiting for. Now thats a damn conditioner.


This well-crafted, high quality, Damn herbal oil is an excellent source of nutrients for hair. From conception to creation of this superior melange, our goals were to load it with essential fatty acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E, before we made it DAMN. Infused with the highest quality herbs and packed with the highest grade of therapeutic oils, this emollient melange will keep you in a state of utter bliss, making you find any excuse to lavish your hair with it.

Rich, yet light and non greasy, our hair oil will not clog the pores, but will provide excellent non-occlusive, non greasy moisture control. The protein and lecithin work to increase the shine and strength of each strand of hair while the almond and olive work to soften and condition strand by strand from deep within the follicles. The addition of ginger and rosemary fill the senses with a distinctive warm and spicy aroma, while the peppermint and tea tree work to relieve itchiness and increase blood circulation.

The craft-fully combined ingredients of this damn hair oil will undeniably encourage and stimulate intensive hair growth. But it gets even better. The damn hair oil is 100% natural, containing no mineral oils, no alcohols and no petroleum. It is so natural that it even has an expiration date. It is a great source of everyday nutrient for the hair, and can simultaneously be used as a hot oil treatment. It is ecstasy in a bottle, thus you may not want to share it. We sure as hell wouldn’t. Now that’s a damn hair oil. Use it, because you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.


The Damn Salon is a private salon, by invitation only.

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The Damn Salon Takes Over North Carolina

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The Ultimate Natural Hair Conglomerate Takes Over North Carolina

The Damn Salon Opens a New Location in Charlotte North Carolina

CHARLOTTE, NC – (June 9 , 2011) – Roll out the red carpet and prepare for total DAMN-nation; this year marks yet another illustrious new opening of The Damn Salon. The internationally known hair salon is now opening doors in North Carolina with the intent to please and expose the city to what the DAMN movement is about. Among the beautiful flowers and tree-lined walkways, The Damn Salon has taken residence in the distinct Jetton Village, minutes outside of Charlotte. Jetton Village is an intricate element of a Harris Teeter Anchored Suburban Shopping Center and is conveniently located off I-77.

The Damn Salon promotes the celebration of natural hair practices. The salon’s mission poses the question, “Who the hell said natural hair had to be boring?” Within the walls of this unique and pioneering salon, each and every DAMN client walks out with a fierce, sexy, and undeniably distinct transformation. Your hair will be so bold, progressive, and sexy; you won’t know how to control your DAMN self!

The founder and creative director, Mushiya, prides herself on introducing her clients to sexy, confident, and high fashion natural hairstyling processes. The DAMN salon is about embracing the sexiness of natural hair, styling techniques, and overall fashion awareness. It’s no mystery as to why clients fly in from places as far as Alaska, California, New York, and even Europe to experience the ultimate beauty experience.

The DAMN Salon is an Atlanta based natural hair salon with a philosophy of “I am beautiful and I don’t give a damn what you think”. The DAMN Salon services clients in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Europe and Montreal. The DAMN Salon made innovation in the natural hair with the concept and technique of City Twist, Urban Twist and Afro Fusion. For more information about The DAMN Salon, please visit,

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For More Information:

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The Damn Salon is a private salon, by invitation only.

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