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The Damn Salon Sadly Announces…

In Cosmetics, Damn Musique, Fashion, Natural Hair, The Damn Salon on May 27, 2011 at 11:57 am
So most of you are probably aware of the alcohol beverage Four Loko. It is a 24-ounce energy drink that contains 12 percent alcohol and a bunch of caffeine, and is popular on college campuses nationwide. Well, Medical experts say the stimulating effects of the caffeine offset the depressive impact of the alcohol, so people who overdo it with these drinks don’t realize how drunk they’regetting.   Basically, the drink can kill you. And well since most people like to live on the wild side, they love it. But because people were literally landing in the hospital, The FDA decided to pull the drink off the shelves. What did everyone do. They ran to the stores in urgency to buy every single Four Loko they could get their hands on. Four Loko sales sky rocketed. Then they pulled them off the shelves.  A few months later, they changed their minds and put Four

Loko back on the shelves and what happened. Sales sky rocketed again. This was a set-up.

But anyway, that is neither here nor there.

I have an announcement to make. The Damn Salon is pulling City Twists off the market. In 2 weeks 3 days and 21 hours City Twists will be unavailable nationwide. Medical experts have reported City twists to increase and release an excessive amount of confidence endorphins such that women are beginning to overdose on their own ultra sexy. Meanwhile, city twists have caused sudden sexual stimulation in an abundance of even impotent men driving urologists to the unemployment office and then to mental institutions. Basically City twists can kill you. We are advising women to immediately seek to secure their City twists as they will be removed from the shelves. The FDA is on us.

Founder & Creative Director

The Damn Salon is a private salon, by invitation only.

To Win FREE City Twists & More, Follow us on all of our Networks.

Click here to RSVP and for more info re: The Damn Soiree: Friday, May 27th @ 7PM

  1. OMG Nooooooooo not before I can make it to ATL lol I need those city twist bad!!!!!

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