the damn salon

The Damn Salon’s Sexy Mother’s Day City Twist Special!!!!

In The Damn Salon on May 7, 2011 at 12:49 pm

Ok so it’s Mother’s Day, but at The Damn Salon it’s Mother’s month! And yes we enjoy being mothers but damn, why look like one. So in celebration mothers day we are having an Anti-Mom Jeans campaign. The point is you can get Urban and City twists monday through wednesday the whole month of may for $199-$299 in any length and any color. That’s right you sexy mother’s….. Even though we know that this is the best gift you’ve ever received for mother’s day it’ll be our little secret. We’ll pretend like the homemade card that got glitter all over your favorite jeans was the best.

The Damn Salon is a private salon, by invitation only.

  1. That’s great I love you guys is that special only for the mothers or can anyone partake is the special? #justasking

  2. Just made my very first appointment and cant wait come on ladies come experience the best!!!!!

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