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The Damn Salon Brings City Twists To The White House

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Okay, so perhaps we are not doing Presidents Barack Obama’s hair, nor are we doing the first lady Michelle’s hair…yet, but we are doing the President of the United States of America, land of the free, home of the brave, nation all of nations people’s people hair. Yeah, that’s right.  I know that was a run on sentence but so. City Twists are officially in the White House. And if in disbelieve, please see attached picture. (The picture is 100% real). And as if thats not enough, the handsome, intelligent, well poised, prone to be offered Monica Lewinski favors, articulate, yet highly swagged out president himself said to our client “Damn. Your hair looks extraordinary, Ms. Cooper.” Okay fine. Maybe I edited that quote just a litte, but so what. He was thinking it.

So as modest as we are, and you know we are modest, we would like to take this opportunity  to modestly advise you ladies that you should probably run, as fast you can, in fact…. sprint…. no really…like right now, to the damn salon before we are too big, too important, too surrounded by security, and well… too damn to damn you.
Yes. That was probably another run on sentence but you must not have heard… we ‘re in the white house…. and we’re modest.
So if you think it hard to make an appointment now at our private, invitation only salons, well wait until you must clear security, bribe our bodyguards, pass a background check and go through Monica Lewinky just for a damn City Twists. Ladies immediately Cist and Desist everything you are doing or not doing (becasue you know damn well you shouldn’t be reading this newsletter at work) and get your ### to the damn salon.
WARNING: Alqueada is looking for The Damn Salon. City twists are a distraction to their male soldiers.
Founder & Creative Director

The Damn Salon is a private salon, by invitation only. We are currently accepting appointments in Atlanta & North Carolina.

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The Damn Salon Sadly Announces…

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So most of you are probably aware of the alcohol beverage Four Loko. It is a 24-ounce energy drink that contains 12 percent alcohol and a bunch of caffeine, and is popular on college campuses nationwide. Well, Medical experts say the stimulating effects of the caffeine offset the depressive impact of the alcohol, so people who overdo it with these drinks don’t realize how drunk they’regetting.   Basically, the drink can kill you. And well since most people like to live on the wild side, they love it. But because people were literally landing in the hospital, The FDA decided to pull the drink off the shelves. What did everyone do. They ran to the stores in urgency to buy every single Four Loko they could get their hands on. Four Loko sales sky rocketed. Then they pulled them off the shelves.  A few months later, they changed their minds and put Four

Loko back on the shelves and what happened. Sales sky rocketed again. This was a set-up.

But anyway, that is neither here nor there.

I have an announcement to make. The Damn Salon is pulling City Twists off the market. In 2 weeks 3 days and 21 hours City Twists will be unavailable nationwide. Medical experts have reported City twists to increase and release an excessive amount of confidence endorphins such that women are beginning to overdose on their own ultra sexy. Meanwhile, city twists have caused sudden sexual stimulation in an abundance of even impotent men driving urologists to the unemployment office and then to mental institutions. Basically City twists can kill you. We are advising women to immediately seek to secure their City twists as they will be removed from the shelves. The FDA is on us.

Founder & Creative Director

The Damn Salon is a private salon, by invitation only.

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The Damn Salon’s Sexy Mother’s Day City Twist Special!!!!

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Ok so it’s Mother’s Day, but at The Damn Salon it’s Mother’s month! And yes we enjoy being mothers but damn, why look like one. So in celebration mothers day we are having an Anti-Mom Jeans campaign. The point is you can get Urban and City twists monday through wednesday the whole month of may for $199-$299 in any length and any color. That’s right you sexy mother’s….. Even though we know that this is the best gift you’ve ever received for mother’s day it’ll be our little secret. We’ll pretend like the homemade card that got glitter all over your favorite jeans was the best.

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Natural Hair Selection Interviewed The Damn Salon…

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Haute Damn! An Interview with The Damn Salon (part 1)
The Damn Salon. Heard of them? You need to.

Cassidie of Natural Hair Selection:
I first connected with these natural hair style setters back in February at Fro Fashion Week. During the runway show the Damn ladies set it off with their fierce attitude, sexy confidence, not to mention hair that was both beautifully sculpted and wildly free. I had no idea who or what The Damn Salon was, but I knew that that they were on a whole other level of natural hair and I had to find out. And I did, in an e-terview with The Damn founder, Mushiya, who is all that is Damn and so much more. Read on and come join the world of Damn…

Natural Selection: What exactly goes on at the Damn Salon?

The Damn Salon: Everything! No seriously everything that makes a women be a women and want to enjoy and exhault her womenness. Hair Styling. Make-up. Fashion. Dress up. Music. Gourmet dining. Lobster, sometime steak, sometimes Salmon. It just depends on the day. Laughter. Tears. Debates. Mental Stimulation. Creation of new long lasting relationships. Networking. Modeling. Confidence Building. Bitch building. Everyone needs a little bit of bitch in them too. The Damn Salon is a getaway, not just your everyday vacation getaway, but one that brings you back to reality with a new motivation, a new attitude and a new outlook on beauty, self love, and life itself. Most woman that come to the salon, no matter who bad they looked or felt, leave feeling like not only are they the hautest thing in town, but that they can conquer the world, or at least their city. Image a room full of 9, maybe 13, maybe 17 women, where everyone is laughing, dining and wining while being pampered, and everyone is just happy. The Damn Salon’s ambiance is too powerful to be destroyed. One can come in with a bad attitude and immediately be altered and hypnotized with peace. Its not just about hair. Damn is a movement.

NS: I love the concept of The Damn Salon, blending natural hair and high fashion, where did the Damn inspiration come from?

TDS: It was simple and hardly thought out. There is nothing sexier than a women who can confidently and properly where her natural hair. Meanwhile there are so many women who are unhappy on the inside because of how they look on the outside. I knew that a few hours I could take ANY confident-less women and just with a few combs, brushes, and color, use my fashion and beauty expertise to change them on the inside for the rest of their lives.

NS: Can you describe what it means to be Damn sexy?

TDS: To be damn sexy is really in the walk. The walk and posture of a women says everything about herself. Without opening her mouth, her walk can tell you whether she is having a bad day, doesn’t love herself, is a ho, or thinks she is the hautest bitch in town. To be damn sexy is to have a walk that omits poise, class, confidence and a little bit of bitch. It is to wear whatever the hell you want, do your natural hair however the hell you want it and then walk like this is what need to be on the next runway. Sexiness is not really about sexiness. It is about conviction. If you believe you are damn sexy, then so the hell will everyone else.

NS: What advice can you give to readers who are stuck in a style rut?

TDS: This is an emergency. Immediately cease and desist what you are doing and get yourself to The Damn Salon because we perform urgent hair and makeover care.

NS: Can you tell me about your Damn Products?

TDS: Its simple. A lot of the hair and body products out there that claim to be natural ARE NOT NATURAL. Pick up a bottle of whatever. If it contains petroleum, alcohol or mineral oils, just to name a few, then IT IS NOT NATURAL. The above named substances are damaging to your hair and to your skin, as they clog your pores and prevent the moisturizing and beneficial ingredients from penetrating your scalp. The results of such a product leave your skin and hair feeling oily and heavy, but still dry as the oil just sits on top of your skin or your hair serving no purpose at all.

Our hair and body products consist of organic, 100% natural ingredients and are so natural that they have expiration dates. From our anti-age and anti-stretch mark body butter to our natural hair butter, our poducts contain natural herbs, oils and butters that open your pores, moisturize, and supply your scalp with the nutrition it deeply needs. As a result, it leaves your hair and skin feeling light while making your skin glow and your hair grow. Products can be purchased online via

NS: What is next for The Damn Salon?

TDS: The Damn Salon is preparing for the utmost beauty production that society has ever seen. Yes thats right. The production previewed to be held in September of this year, will showcase damn in its entirety including damn hair, original damn musique and performances, damn fashion (original pieces created by the designers of damn, damn models and much more. The beauty and fashion industry is not ready. It will make everbody simply utter…. “damn.”

Classy. Confident. Haute DAMN! Stay tuned for Part 2: A Damn Salon visit for a Damn Trim