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Find Out What People Are Saying About The Damn Salon?

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…A damn clients response to the frustrated mother re: daughters damaged hair

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@ S.Y….I am not an expert on hair of any type but I have had the unfortunate experience of transitioning my hair with braids, kinky twists and sew-ins. All of these styles have been very tight, uncomfortable and very damaging to my hair. I’ve also had City Twists in my hair and although this was years after the other damaging processes and on my now wonderfully natural hair and I can say that it was the best thing for me. Aside from the great versatility of the style, not once did I have the tightness (and I’m talking from day one)or damage to my hair. The style was not heavy on my head and I have VERY thick hair and I was able to wash it at any time I needed. I strongly recommend this to get your baby back to her natural glory!

Wishing her the best.
– TotallyTwistedGyrle

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Q & A: A Woman had a bad experience w/her daughters hair and asked me…..

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QUESTION from a Frustrated Mother (Poor mommy and daughter)


I am emailing about the baby city twists for my daughter she is 11…she had a gorgeous THICK head of hair and of course we relaxed it due to the thickness…last year we started going back natural for about 6 months but we took her to someone who had no idea what they were doing her hair broke off badly and we went back to a relaxer….we are thinking about transitioning her back to natural BUT I have to do my research extra thoroughly this time to make sure we connect with a person who will actually have GREAT knowledge about transitioning all hair types and will be able to help us on her back to natural hair journey…I saw the Baby City twists and thought that they were so cute and would be cute to try on her hair to see how we like them…what would you suggest? How often would we have to come back and get them done over?

ANSWER from The Damn Salon (We hear this all the time)

S.Y Darling!

I apologize great for all those crazy hair experiences. Most Stylists really don’t know what to do with the natural hair. We can definitely help your daughter transition to natural. The key would be NO RELAXER, NO FLAT IRONING, NO ANY TYPE OF Straightening methods because at the end of the day, and sometimes at the beginning, they ALL eventually change your hair texture, weaken your hair follicles and break your hair. Baby City twists or regular City Twists (depending on her head) would be great for the transitioning period because they are light on the follicles and growth stimulating. At this fragile stage of your daughters hair, she needs a style that will not put any strain on the strands and that will allow her hair to rest, while stimulating hair growth.

Ladies ask any questions you would like and we will answer them.



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This is why Jennifer Pulliam won #naturalhair FREE CITY Twists @thedamnsalon….

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Okay. I swear I would love to give FREE city twists to EVERYBODY… Okay thats a lie. I would love to give it to most people. Damn, that was a lie too. Okay SOME people, but life is not perfect. I will tell you though, why Jennifer won, so the rest of you can forgive me. Basically, she had been stalking the damn salon (you know… like most people) and had told her friend Annmarie all about us. When they found out we were coming to North Carolina they both excitedly (I’m not sure if thats a word but so…) prepared to get themselves damned. After all the excitement and anticipation, Jennifer, who was the force behind the plan, runs into unforeseen circumstances and was unfortunately unable to get her hair done. Meanwhile, Annmarie, that little heffer, still went to get her done. No really, she did! Thats her picture in this blog. But she looked haute as hell and in all fairness, she is actually the reason why we know Jennifer’s story. We have yet to speak with Jennifer. It is Annmarie, her friend, who told us her story. (and why the hell are cynthia and I sitting here about to cry. ) So Annmarie, thank you for looking out for your friend. And Jennifer, thank you for supporting us. And now, it our turn to support you.

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