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A Taste of Damn goes to Charlotte #naturalhair

In Cosmetics, Fashion, Natural Hair, The Damn Salon on March 23, 2011 at 3:02 pm

Charlotte was absolutely FanTASIC! & such a success! WE met & damned some great ladies who have all decided to rent a van or minibus and make a girls trip to the damn salon atlanta for their next appointment! Seriously, the stylists even forgot we were working! We had so much fun and so much laughs it felt like a damn vacation. Some people even shed tears. One of our clients cried as she told us and everyone else in the room just how deep our customer service was and how she had never in her life experienced such genuine customer service and had such a GREAT salon experience. It was truly AMAZING! My fatigue, my pain, the cramp in my back, my growling stomach and my aching feet from standing all day, ALL became worth it at that very moment. One of our clients went into the elevator right after her hair was done and literally got attacked by like 10 men, telling her how beautiful she was with that gorgeous hair. Another client who said she usually hates women, now made 6 new friends that were just like her. When the hairs were done, the ladies walks changed. I swear. Backs became straighter. Heads were held higher. Attitudes were slightly enhanced. Okay… very much enhanced. It was just beautiful. So beautiful and so deeply needed, as these women told us, that we are really thinking of touring A TASTE OF DAMN! We think DC maybe our next stop. But its juts a thought for now ladies! Don’t get too excited!… or maybe you should. Roooaaarr.

  1. That’s AWESOME! It sounds like you ladies had a DAMN good time. And as for making new friends, y’all tend to have that effect on people.;) And City Twist really does cause accidents. Almost got in one myself for the lady next to me asking about my hair!!

  2. Have you ever considered coming to Savannah?

  3. Come to Columbus, OH!!! Please!!!

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