the damn salon

If You Don’t Feel Sexy, its Your Own Damn Fault.

In Cosmetics, Damn Musique, Fashion, Natural Hair, The Damn Salon on March 10, 2011 at 3:11 am

If you don’t feel sexy right now, well you need to take a trip to the damn salon because we know how to turn the boring, the out of shape, the not so blessed, the especially special, the low self esteemed, the traumatised, the nobody gives me any attention and every one else in between….. into the sexiest thing since, well, the last damn client. Seriously, I am just being honest.

I can sit here and tell you all kinds of nonsense about how beauty starts from within and blah blah blah, but you know what? Sometimes it does not. Sometimes it starts with a comb, a brush and and a damn good hair do.

And let me me tell you women something that you already know but forget all too easily. Your man does not want to come home to a women with a haute mess of a hair do and his dirty jogging pants that have paint stains on it. He goes to work everyday and sees women around him dressed their sharpest. Therefore, you need to work before Susan, that ‘I don’t give damn if your married no good whore’, works him.

Take care of your self, surprise him when least expected with a new lip gloss, sexy attire, or hell… no attire at all and a damn haute hair do. (Such as can be acquired at the damn salon). Even men who are deeply in love cheat. Why? Well because for a man, there is nothing like the excitement of a new “apple”. And by “apple” you know what the hell I mean. So ladies, just when your man thinks you’re a granny smith, turn around and be a macintosh. And when he thinks he has figured out the macintosh in you, turn red delicious on him… and then rome, and then Golden Delicious, and then Gravenstein and then winsap apple. Just keep them coming… or shall I say… keep him coming.

Okay. That amused me.

The moral of the story is come to the damn salon and let us ignite the hidden apples in you. (Yes, you’re damn straight this is an advertisement.) Stay Haute. Stay Sexy. Stay Damn.


Founder & Creative Director

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