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Darryka on FB asked me “are city twists swimmer friendly?”

In Uncategorized on March 6, 2011 at 4:46 am

“are the city twists swimmer friendly?” … have no idea…. the city twists are every Damn thing friendly. They are even sex friendly. You know how girls with weave cannot really have their husbands and boyfriends (in some cases both) touch their hair…. well, with city twists he can stroke, rub, pull, yank, bite (who the hell wants to bite hair though) and everything else in between. …. and when all is said and done and you have both recieved your high… you get up and you’re still haute and sexy.
RoarRRRRRRR…. and back at it again. dont hurt yourselves now. Then again…a little pain is always nice.

Okay how the hell did i just come this far from the simple question of “are city twists swimmer friendly?”

Take 2:

Yes Darryka, they are.

  1. Thanks for your answer I will be coming for a consult soon!

  2. I want to get urban twist. I looked at The Damn Salon website for hours to try to decide what hair style I wanted most. I want a look that is sexy, fun, wild and still can be converted to a corporate hair style. I am thinking of either urban twist or the afro fusion, I think either will compliment my natural hair and I may do lash extentions too, I am so excited. And with summer coming up, I hope they are swimmer friendly!

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