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The damn lash extensions

In Cosmetics, Fashion, Natural Hair, The Damn Salon on July 17, 2010 at 5:16 am
Okay ladies! No more mascara! No more eyelash strips! No more individuals! Damn introduces the semi-permanent eye lash extensions! Flawless and undistinguishable from your natural lashes the damn lashes look even more natural than your own lashes!
Weightless and water-resistant, the lash extensions are applied directly to your natural lash, strand by strand, replicating the natural curvature and motion of your lash.  Almost like a beauty sleep, the 2 hour procedure is relaxing and painless as our lash designers customize the extensions to each womans unique lash structure and pattern. Then wake up to longer, thicker, very natural looking, eye opening lashes.
So stop stressing yourselves with fake strips that look, ummm … fake. Stop embarrassing yourselves with crooked strips, hanging over one cheek bone as you speak to that handsome man at your office dinner party. Stop excusing eye and skin irritation from the harsh lash adhesives of individuals for the sake of almost beautiful, but abnormal looking lashes. Stop wasting time and damaging your eye glands by repeatedly gluing and removing strips or individuals. The damn lash extensions use a very safe, meticulous procedure created and tested by trained medical experts and can last indefinitely with routine touch-ups. There is nothing sexier, more womanly, mesmerizing and more flattering than the blink and flutter, flutter of a long lashed goddess. Add some definition to your eyes. Get some damn lashes.

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