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In The Damn Salon on June 9, 2010 at 5:44 pm

Most of us know how to get a perm, wrap our hair and set it, but when it comes to just the basic combing of natural hair, WE, or should I say YOU, are LOST! Hence the reason WE are here.

There are a lot of pseudo natural salons that believe that the only way to style natural hair is to first press it and then proceed with permed styles.  VERY FUNNY. We at the Damn Salon take pride in providing our clients with an endless number of natural hair styling options and continue to share guidelines on the care and growth of your natural hair. Our main objective is to help you attain and maintain a healthy head of a lot of hair. Our fundamental philosophy is that natural hair does not have to be BORING, but can in fact be High Fashion, Trendy, Haute and still corporate. Our supporting philosophies are as simple as: if its good for me and harmless to you, then I dont give a damn what you think, and if you dont like it, well too damn bad.

  1. I want some City Twists!!!!
    They are HOT!!!

    How can I make an appointment?

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